Antiviral APET face shield project leads to exciting R&D progress

News / Antiviral APET face shield project leads to exciting R&D progress
We utilized our expertise in APET film to quickly respond to an on-line shout-out from a non-profit organization that needed face shields for healthcare workers in Lithuania at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, making the necessary adjustments to our equipment in order to produce the transparent, fog-free films that are thicker than our usual food-grade films. Our team has been analyzing how to make the most of the expertise gained, leading to a new and exciting R&D development of antiviral APET films, realized in part thanks to EU funding.
The main focus here is to offer Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals market high quality rigid film with antiviral properties. This is achieved by adding active components to our film formulation. Changing these formulas and intensity of the additives, the best results are reached. The outcome – film has antiviral properties for the ongoing COVID-19 out-brake.
Yet we looked wider at this project and are now studying antibacterial effect and how we can contribute in this direction. This could be a great brand support in food sector for different applications. Working with strong partners in U.S. and Poland we hope to succeed and expand the applicability of this product in different industries in the future.