New chemical recycling project at RETAL Baltic Films

News / New chemical recycling project at RETAL Baltic Films
Collaboration is at the heart of sustainability and the circular economy. Such global and complex issues require a multi-stakeholder approach. Reaching plastic circular economy is only possible by combining the experience, knowledge and competence of all the value chain actors. Our collaboration with NEO GROUP on their new process allowing to integrate rPET in APET process is a clear example of that. In addition, this new product not only contributes to PET circular economy but also mitigates GHG emissions – another key topic of our sustainability action.
NEO GROUP is a Lithuania-based PET resin producer that is part of global plastic packaging solutions manufacturer RETAL Industries Ltd. The sister companies work closely where necessary to ensure that a reliable supply of raw materials is available, bringing collaboration to life with an innovative fully circular PET resins containing 30% of chemically recycled PET (rPET).

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